SwissPedNet Organization

SwissPedNet, the Swiss Research Network of Clinical Pediatric Hubs, is an association according to the Swiss civil code §§ 66 to 79.

National Level: SwissPedNet coordination office

On a national level, closely linked to the Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation: the SwissPedNet coordination office.

Coordinator SwissPedNet: Pascale Wenger

Fon +41 31 307 10 45, 

Local Level: Clinical Pediatric Hubs

Description of a clinical hub and rules about the procedures within a clinical hub and between individual hubs are given here >>>

Clinical pediatric hubs within the children’s hospitals, closely linked to the corresponding Clinical Trial Units (CTU), with the same Quality Management System (QMS) applying: 

Quality Policy of the SwissPedNet

The clinical pediatric hubs commit themselves to aligning their activities in accordance with the Quality Policy of the SwissPednet.

Quality Policy

SwissPedNet Annual Reports

Annual Report 1 (September 2012 to August 2013) | Annual Report 2 (September 2013 to December 2014) | Annual Report 3 (2015) | Annual Report 4 (2016) | Annual Report 5 (2017)


SwissPedNet FactSheet